Land Prime Prepaid Card

  • Land Prime MasterCard Accepted in over 200 countries worldwide
  • Useable in online and offline merchants accepting MasterCard
  • Withdrawals available in any ATM machines
  • Instant withdrawal from Land Prime trading accounts

Land Prime Card T&C

Transaction type Transaction fee
First Time Load Handling Fee HKD 30
Card Replacement Handling Fee HKD 100
Reload Fee / Minimum Reload amount Minimum HKD 20 or 0.6% / HKD 500
Handling Fee of overseas Purchase Free*
ATM withdrawal Fee Minimum HKD 20 or 1% of withdrawal amount excluding overseas purchase fee
Account Management Fee HKD 10 / month from 13th month of issuance of Land Prime card
Balance Inquiry Online: Free | VRS: Free | ATM: HKD 5
Card renewal handling fee HKD 80

* Currency Exchange Fee 4%
* Currency Exchange fee, ATM transaction fee will be applied on T+2 from your transaction history and balance

The table below sets out the capabilities of your Land Prime Card

Action Amount
Daily Point of Sale Transactions 2,000 USD
Monthly point of Sale Transactions (POS) 9,000 USD
Daily ATM Withdrawals 5,000 USD (based on ATM machine capability)
Monthly ATM withdrawals 9,000 USD


  • Total Monthly Transaction Limit is including POS and ATM withdrawal. It cannot exceed 9,000 USD / Month
  • You should top up your card with minimum amount of HKD 500 to activate card.
  • Client is responsible for any loss and damages of cards while on delivery if client failed to record correct information.
  • Land Prime cards are valid for two years from the activation. 10% of the remaining balance will be deducted every month from the expiration.
  • Land Prime Card is available to use for 2 years after initial activation, and you must renew the card after expiration.
  • For further Land Prime card enquiries, please contact to