Dividend Adjustment

What is the Dividend adjustment?

A dividend adjustment is the amount of funds to be credited (for Buy positions) or debited (for Sell positions) in order to account for dividend payouts on underlying assets of the stock and index CFDs.

Indices and Stocks provided are subject to dividend adjustments. When an index or stocks constituent pays dividends to its shareholders it essentially provides impact on the value of the company by the amount of the dividend. This impact is reflected on the ex-dividend date as a decrease of the company share price, as well as in a decrease in the value of the index in proportion to the weight of the stock within the index.

Land Prime will adjust dividends to ensure that customers do not generate unreasonable profits and losses due to price changes. The dividend adjustment is made before the market open on the ex-dividend date.

Please note that the Dividend figures will be confirmed and revised depends on the Liquidity provider.

Index Dividends

Symbol Description Long Dividend Short Dividend Currency Ex-dividend day
SP500 SPX500 0.0546 -0.078 USD 2024-07-24
UK100 FTSE 100 1.239 -1.77 GBP 2024-07-25
SP500 SPX500 0.0336 -0.048 USD 2024-07-25
US100 US Tech100 0.6832 -0.976 USD 2024-07-26
SP500 SPX500 0.2632 -0.376 USD 2024-07-26
EU50 Stoxx50 0.5432 -0.776 EUR 2024-07-29
US100 US Tech100 0.1393 -0.199 USD 2024-07-29
SP500 SPX500 0.0504 -0.072 USD 2024-07-29

Stock Dividends

Symbol Description Dividend for share Currency Ex-dividend day
COST.OQ Costco Wholesale Corp 1.16 USD 2024-07-26

As a result of recent changes in tax regulations under U.S. section 871 (m), individuals residing outside the Unites States who hold long positions on derivatives tied to U.S. stocks (including CDFs) are subject to taxation on dividend adjustments just like non-U.S.

Holders of actual U.S. dividends. Following each dividend payment linked to a qualifying position, we assess the dividend adjustment and implement a withholding rate of 30% and if a relevant treaty is applied to the account, we will apply a lower rate fee. Affected clients must complete and submit a W-8BEN form to maintain or start trading on the applicable instruments.

Calculation Explanation

The calculation method is as below:

Dividend per share x contract size per lot x volume (lots) = dividend adjustment amount